This Is War | Watch the Libyan Revolution Explode through the Lens of a Helmet Cam.

Netflix Just Got Way More ‘Spensive (Updated)

It's not exactly Sophie's Choice, but if you're a pretty casual Netflix user like I am, you're going to have to decide which is more crucial: streaming movies or watching them on DVDs and Blu-rays. More »

What Is a Derecho? (Hint: It's a Highly Destructive Force of Nature)

You're in the middle of a midwestern field right now. You feel a warm breeze gathering. Then wall of clouds starts heading in your direction. The wind gets stronger. More »

Craftsman Hammerhead: Great for Pounding in Tight Spots

I'm not what you'd call "coordinated," so the prospect of hammering nails without worrying about how many fingernails I'll lose in the process is, um, appealing. The Craftsman HammerHead G2 Auto-Hammer does that-just not terribly well. More »

71 Failed Photographs...That Turned Out Incredible

Some of the best scientific discoveries have been encountered by mistake, and photography is really no different. Here are 71 photo screw-ups that should, for all intents and purposes, be wretched to look at. More »

7 Tools to Show Muggers Who's Boss (That Would Be You)

These are dangerous times. And since you can't just keep throwing your wallet at attackers and running, you'd better learn to defend yourself. Here are seven tools that will help you walk the mean streets without fear. More »

Klipsch's Headphones Keep On Noise-Cancelling For 45 Long Hours

That's "hella-long," our editor Joe has assured me, and just in case you're willing to test that one out yourself, they can be used as normal stereo headphones should the battery run out of juice. More »

Godzilla-Maru Deep Sea Drill Pokes the Ocean's Deepest Holes

If Land of the Lost taught me anything, it's that cool things lurk just below the surface of the earth (and Will Ferrel is the greatest actor of his generation). That's where the Chikyu Hakken Deep Sea Drill comes in. More »

Creepy Old Guy Pretended to Be a Pretty Young Girl on Facebook to Solicit Child Porn

James Dollins, a 42-year-old creep with a stressful scowl and receding hairline, has been arrested for soliciting teenage boys for child porn and sex. More »

Is Obsolete Tech an Inalienable Right?

Today's superfluous political grappling comes via Texas, where Republican rep Joe Barton's incensed by legislation mandating efficient incandescent lightbulbs. More »

World's Steepest Roller Coaster Makes Me Shudder Just By Looking at the Video

This is Takabisha, the world's steepest roller coaster with a 141-foot drop at 121 degrees. That free fall will put your car at a whooping top speed of 100mph (160 km/h). More »

Holy Batman and His Bloody Amazing 9,000-Brick Lego Batcave!

I'm glad Lego genius Alex Schranz has made this 9,000-brick Lego model-which includes multiple levels, a Batmobile, security systems, elevator and everything else-of the actual Batcave I'm planning to build with 9 billion Lego bricks. More »