A while ago we challenged Deadspin to an iPhone carnage contest.

The results are in and the winner is Gizmodo reader Bryan Tye, who submitted the bent beauty pictured above. "I had my phone docked in an Ion Block Rocker on my boat, and it took a nose-dive, phone first into the floor," Tye said. "50lb speaker, on top of the iPhone, not so good." Our iFixit judge Kyle Wiens is astounded: "Why does it still work? It's a miracle the board is still intact. Repairing this phone is going to be a lot of work." Congrats Bryan! Good luck Kyle! In your face, Deadspin. Check out 24 of our busted finalists in the gallery above.

Jake Deyton: "As you can see the top bezel is halfway gone, the screen is totally spiderwebbed and the back even comes off."

Luis Alfonso Torres Esquer: "It crashed from my car moving at 80 KM/HR and still works!!"

Odd Arne Ravn: "a drop from a pick up car, about 1.1 meters and to the tarmac, with the back down."

Albert Filice: "My iPhone broke around last November, in a biking accident. Since then it has deteriorated to its current condition. Bits of the glass have been slow to fall off (thankfully) and surprisingly the screen is still rather usable."

Anand Heda: "The majority of damage occurred when working out on a chest press machine. The iPhone can do a lot of things but sustaining the pressure of 200 lbs of steel plates is not one of them."

Ben Rogers: "As a result of a three foot drop onto concrete (with a bumper mind you), the front glass on my phone shattered."

Brett Falgiatano

Chad Burgess

David Couch: "I was fixing a communications tower on base and was taking pictures of the broken components inside a pa system we use to relay messages over the base when the system activated scaring the crap out of me I dropped the phone. It fell almost 30 ft and and hit concrete then bounced and smashed the backside of the phone."

Erik Bandy: "Got hit by a car while riding my bike."

Heather Arbuckle: "Left mine on top of a car in direct sunlight for about 2 minutes, when I picked it back up it was shattered :("

Iggy Bal

Jake Dean: "Dropped out of jeep while driving (no doors on). Front smashed bad enough to where the digitizer won't react to touch and LCD won't even come on anymore. Still syncs to my MacBook and still receives messages and calls."

Josh Rhoads

Joshua Young

Malik Begovic

Matt Thompson "Dropped two stories and still works!"

Mitch Brevard

Mitch Costilow

Nicole Kessel

Greg Paterson

Tejas Ruparel: "I lost my iPhone in a moshpit at the Sweetlife Festival (May 1st 2010) at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD. Only after the show got over I realized that I had dropped my phone. I had genuinely lost hope that someone would turn it in at the lost & found and that's only if the phone had survived the hardcore dancing of the ever so awesome crowd. I took my chances and checked in with the lost & found several hours later the festival got over and there it was, my 'fuxored-up-but-still-functional' iPhone."

Timothy Bahn

Joe Droege