Spotify: Released to much fanfare, Spotify is as close to a great streaming service we can get. The iPhone app lets you listen to all of Spotify's 13 million track library and with an offline mode, can even do it without a connection because you can wirelessly sync your local files to your phone, create and sync playlists and more.

GIF Shop: It's a camera app that stitches together pictures to create the GIFs that populate the Internet. You know GIFs! At Giz we call GIFs the Internet's greatest treasure. Personally, I think it's the only form of online communication that can truly translate emotion (albeit bite-sized) over the Internet. Basically, you're animating and highlighting real life in a more colorful way. $2

The Warhol: D.I.Y. Pop: Grab this app now while it's only $1 and you too will be turning your pals into Andy Warhol prints, only for them to post them as their Facebook profile pics and take all the credit for your "hard work." The DIY POP app from the Andy Warhol Museum and Carnegie Mellon University uses a virtual silkscreen to create the kind of paintjobs you can do on your computer, only much faster and on the go.

Play: Play is described as an Instagram for music that lets you share and comment on tracks. It's very similar to iOS app SoundTracking which also debuted in March. The early screenshots of the Play app look nice, but the real test will come tomorrow when we finally get some hands-on time with the app.

FlickKey: FlickKey, a note taking app for the iPhone, has the world's smallest virtual keyboard on the iPhone. The keyboard is no bigger than an inch in either direction and predictably, completely nutty to type on. The way the keyboard works is that there's 9 letters on each mini-tile and tapping or swiping the tile in a certain direction gives you a different letter. For example, a upward swipe on the left tile brings W, an upward diagonal right swipe brings S and a simple tap on that same tile creates E.

CW Full Episodes: The CW Full Episodes app for iPhone gives you the latest 6 episodes of all CW shows in streaming fashion (Wi-Fi or 3G) and offers clips, photos, interviews, schedules and more. Which all sounds very good! But the app crashes a little too much and I wish you could tap into the full slate of episodes for each show (cause season one of Gossip Girl was actually good!). Free

TiVo: Long available for the iPad, TiVo is bringing its talents to the iPhone. Depending on what type of TiVo you have, TiVo's app will let you cruise through the show schedules, manage recordings, fast forward and rewind TV and more. TiVo Premiere users will get all the goodies while TiVo Series 3, HD and HD XL owners are stuck without DVR management features.

Dragon Go!: Dragon Go! is a new mobile app that brings Nuance-quality voice search to the iPhone. You can search Google, Wikipedia, Yelp, YouTube and more without typing a single letter on your keyboard. Dragon Go! is more than just a basic search tool. It has some concierge functions like making table reservations at your favorite restaurant or finding local move theatre times.