Ask a Nomad: For travelers of the world, there's always questions on what to do, where to eat, what's the best place for this, for that. It's endless! Ask a Nomad is an app where you can ask locals and other world experts on anything you'd like to do anywhere you go. The idea is to connect you with like-minded people to sift through the tourist traps and discover the reason why you're in such and such city or country.

Above France: Like their previous collaborative effort, Dreams of Burma, National Geographic Traveler and Fotopedia have teamed up to show users of the app a fresh take of a world unseen. Of course, France isn't as mysterious as Burma but by photographing the countryside from the view of an helicopter, you sort of get the feeling that you're flying around with them, doing something that normal people don't get to.$3

Cosmo for Guys: Cosmo for Guys is designed to give sexy advice to men, which I'm sure ranges from fair to patently bananas. Because let's face it: Cosmo is a little ridiculous. But they add the social element in the skeeviest of ways: "Looking for suggestions on what kinds of sexual activities women in your geographical area prefer? Cosmo for Guys culls responses from questionnaires on and feeds them through Google Maps based on where a woman has written her response." Launches August 1st.

Ball Invasion: An augmented reality gaming app. On the surface, Ball Invasion is a simple ball-shooting game that uses your surroundings as a backdrop. But this background isn't just for show, you can actually bounce your bullets off it. That corner in your room is now a vector to get the right angle to pop that difficult-to-shoot ball. $2

StumbleUpon: The online discovery service tossed aside its old iPad app and re-designed a new one from the ground up. The refreshed app lets you swipe to stumble upon new content and flick through new and existing content. It's a visually rich experience with images and videos taking center stage. A new Social Bar is present on every page and gives you a peek at the person who submitted the content or someone who likes it. Free

Warplanes: A History Of Aerial Combat: The app gives detailed info and 3D models of 43 historic warplanes including fighters, bombers and recon planes. There's a gallery of 200 photographs and even video of some of these fighter planes in action. For war geeks, you can even take a peek at the blueprints of the planes. $7