Spotify: Released to much fanfare, Spotify is as close to a great streaming service we can get. The Android app lets you listen to all of Spotify's 13 million track library and with an offline mode, can even do it without a connection because you can wirelessly sync your local files to your phone, create and sync playlists and more.

Zaarly: It's sorta like Craigslist but it's prettier than Craigslist and made for your phone. The app connects buyers who post what they want to buy and sellers who post what they want to sell. Anything can be posted really, activities, services, stuff, etc. Obviously only works if people around you are using it. Free.

MyAppSharer: MyAppSharer lets you share apps to your friends by sending them a link to the Market or even the APK directly. Lifehacker says it's the most versatile way to share app recommendations and is especially great for apps that have been pulled from the Market already. Bluetooth, Email, Dropbox, SMS, or QR code, the other person doesn't even need MyAppSharer installed to receive them.

Twitter: Big news in a little Android app update: Twitter is now adding push notifications and multiple accounts to their Android app. That means you'll receive tweets and direct messages automatically from whatever account you use.

Scrabble: I was always confused on why Words with Friends and WordFeud took off when Scrabble—Scrabble!—should have owned this vocabulary owning, tiling knowing space. It makes no sense! No matter, the official app is finally out for Android and available for free.

SuperNinjaSkydivingPlusZombies: You control a skydiving ninja who chops the heck out of flying zombies and eats as much bread as he can. It's a race to the bottom so balance the chopping of zombies with the speed of falling. High scores to does it the fastest. $1

Wiz Kid Jr: A bejeweled-styled game where you swipe to connect the color objects (three or more) to delete them. The point is to move fast so you can build up 'mana' to fight off the 'evil spirits' from ending your game. It's a game that's been done before but brings enough new features and semi-storylines where you feel like you're playing a new game. Addictive as ever. [via Android Central]