Greatly Exaggerated | LulzSec infiltrated The Sun's site and planted a bizarre account of Rupert Murdoch's supposed death.

#AntiSec Hackers Spill News of the World Chief Rebekah Brooks' Email Login to Entire Internet (Updated)

The fruits of today's Sun UK hack are starting to dangle down: LulzSec (out of retirement?) and Anon are tweeting logins of some serious British media brass. More »

Woman Grows Full Size Nipple On Foot

Researchers have found a 22-year-old woman with a full grown nipple on her foot. I don't know if a foot nipple is considered not safe for work, but I'm getting a strange tingling sensation thinking about the possibilities. More »

B.O.B. Ironman Jogging Stroller Won't Slow Your Roll

I am quite fat. After the birth of my daughter, I packed on 20 pounds because I have no time for anything but work, childcare, and delicious chocolate cake dipped in beer. More »

7 Tools to Help You Survive the Looming American Financial Apocalypse

Washington's got debt ceiling fever!—and the prospect of the US defaulting on its giant shitheap of foreign loans is becoming scarily real. So what happens if no deal is struck? More »

You're Sweaty. You're Broke. Here's How to Stay Cool without Going Broker.

Summertime, and the livin' is … sweaty. From the subway to the sidewalk, it's freaking hot. (At your office, though, it's probably freezing AMIRITE?) Good news: More »

Vladimir Putin Giving Away an iPad 2 for Stripping Female Supporters

American politics: birth certificates, frenzied debates over evolution, looming debt ceiling apocalypse. Russian politics: Putin supporters stripping online for a chance to win an iPad 2. More »

World's Tallest Mobile Crane Is Also World's Strongest

The blades of the world's biggest wind turbine don't just sprout from the impeller like leaves. And at 364 tons, you'll need a pretty hefty crane. More »

AIAIAI's PX-0 Headphones Have Childlike Looks, but Promise Grown Up Sound

Danish audio purveyors AIAIAI have made some good products in the past: look no further than the TMA-1 headphones. Now they've teamed up with Teenage Engineering to deliver these lovely PX-0 earbuds. More »

A Urinal for Girls Could Help Us Reach Restroom Line Equality

Not only do girls have to deal with assholes like us guys but their bathroom lines are ridiculously long. You know what would make the lines faster? Urinals for girls. More »

A Man Who's Never Used a Computer in His Life Tries Internet Explorer

Jennifer Boriss, a Firefox dev, went to the mall seeking test subjects to help improve the browser. She expected to meet people with a range of tech savvy, but she was't expecting a man who'd never before touched a mouse. Boriss stumbled upon Joe, a 60-year-old cafeteria employee, in the food court: More »