Securing the Lines | The methods that let News of the World go on a phone hacking rampage.

Facebook, Why Did You Screw Your Chat System?

By now you're probably one of the 500 million people who have noticed the new Facebook chat. Which means that one or more of these three words may be in your mind: More »

Airplane Porn: The First F-35 Arrives at Its First Home

You are watching aviation history. This is the first U.S. Air Force F-35 Lightning II ever, the first step towards a new fleet full of stealth strike fighters. It's fully operative and combat ready. The image gallery is bee-ooh-tee-ful. More »

7 Tools for Staying Frosty During Summergeddon 2011

The Midwest weather is currently slightly warmer than the surface of the sun and headed straight for New York. While cows haven't started spontaneously combusting (YET), these seven tools will help keep you colder than Ice Cube's acting career. More »

Toshiba 14-inch USB Mobile Monitor: More Screen On the Go

Laptop screens are small. Desktop monitors aren't portable. Using the two together is a constant tug o' war between portability and screen size. Not with the Toshiba 14-inch Mobile Monitor though. More »

Safe Playgrounds Are Destroying Society

My front tooth is fake. It's a remnant of when I was a kid, and smacked into the jungle gym. That would never happen today, because kids' playgrounds are so much safer. More »

143 Awesome Photos of Clouds

Fluffy clouds! Wispy clouds! Sunset clouds! Xtreme clouds! The 143 photographers who entered this week's Shooting Challenge have all your basic and custom cloud needs covered. More »

The Lithoman Can Span Arizona's Meteor Crater with Print in One Minute

Print media is slowly becoming more like the trees they're printed on: dead. Yet the Wall Street Journal alone commands a daily circulation of 2.1 million. More »

Facial Recognition Screws With the Wrong Man

Technology may be a pivot for many of our lives, but it's not exactly infallible. A Massachusetts man learnt that the hard way, after his driver's license was flagged as a fake on the police system, due to a facial-recognition error. It seems John H. More »

Best/Worst Older Sister Extracts Brother's Tooth with a Motorcycle

If your little brother loses a tooth, what's in it for you? The little dope gets sweet Tooth Fairy scratch and you're left holding the bag. Unless you decide to play dentist with a long string and a mini-motorcycle. More »

Windows XP on a 4K Display Makes Eyeballs Bleed

Although it's still far, far away from the mainstream, 4K displays do exist! Will they ever take off? It's too soon to tell, but if so, don't try to run XP with one—it's like a UI-crushing black hole. More »

Gizmodo's Super Soaker BBQ Was a Hurricane of Beer, Ketchup, Water, and Thrills

This past Saturday, brave souls flocked to the roof of Gizmodo HQ with a singular mission in mind: to eat, drink, laugh, and fire enormous streams of water at one another at close range. More »