Rarefied Airs | Apple's Macbook Air line got a beefy upgrade, with Thunderbolt ports and Sandy Bridge processors.

New MacBook Airs Get Hit With a Thunderbolt

Apple's brought both sizes of the MacBook Air line straight up to what you'd expect from a laptop in 2011, adding a Thunderbolt port, but more importantly some sweet Sandy Bridge i5 and i7 chips—and backlit keyboards. More »

Mac Mini Line Padded Out With Three Thunderbolt-Packin' Models

Apple's kept the unibody aluminum casing of last year, and overhauled the Mac Mini inside-only, with three options starting at $599. More »

What Is Thunderbolt?

Along with snappy Sandy Bridge processors and beefy GPUs, Apple's new MacBook Pros have a superfast, versatile new I/O tech called Thunderbolt. Whazat? More »

You Can Download OS X Lion Right Now

Although it's (weirdly?) not a "featured app," OS X Lion is indeed now available for download from the Mac App Store. The 3.5GB download will cost you $30, and upgrades your Mac with over 250 new features—some of which you may be just as happy without. More »

Apple's Thunderbolt Display Is Just Like the Old LED Cinema Display But You Know, Better

Apple's new Thunderbolt Display is kind of like when the Power Rangers upgraded to Thunderzords from Dinozords—they're still just Zords (er, a display), but now with more Thunder-y power. More »

The OS X Lion Survival Guide

Okay, so OS X Lion isn't perfect. But chances are, that probably isn't going to stop you from picking it up today. With that in mind, here's our guide to help you make the most of Apple's new OS. More »

Mac OS X Lion: This Is Not the Future We Were Hoping For

It breaks my heart to say this, but Mac OSX Lion's interface feels like a failure. Its stated mission was to simplify the operating system, to unify it with the clean experience of iOS. More »