Borders is dead, now relegated to memory. And it turns out we have a lot of memories of the place, sad and dying as it might have been for a while! Join us as we pay tribute to a hangout.

We asked you all for your Borders memories via Twitter, and your collective hearts poured out. Although not all of you will miss the place for the actual purchasing of paper books (if at all), its death still marks the end of an era. Even if it was an era of free toilet use and general loitering.

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The headphones! So many teenage hours spent there listening to Dr. Dre, long before I had the ability to steal his music online.

This is where I start choking up.

It was sort of zen, wasn't it? Especially the books about Zen.

When the office building you're in collapses, blame this young man.

There were hookers in your Borders!? I feel deprived.

Tee hee. By "play" he means sex.

When she grows up she'll be nostalgic for Kindles.

Zing. No but seriously this is why the company died.

Ugh. That explains my lifetime of cauliflower ear, I suppose.

What, you mean huddling over an e ink screen together isn't as charming?