Songify: It turns basic speech into awesome songs. You don't even have to try to sing! Made by the Gregory Brothers, the dudes behind Bedroom Intruder, Auto-Tune the News, Double Rainbow and more hilariously awesome songs, the app pretty much gives you their powers. For example, I recited Gizmodo article titles and the app imposed it on the Double Rainbow soundtrack to create something way more fun than it should be.

Google+: Google+ Can it be good? The app is. The home page of Google+ acts as launcher for the four main features of the app: Circles, Stream, Huddle and Photos. Circles lets you share things within a select group of people. Stream gives you a live timeline of updates from your friends, not unlike what Facebook's news feed does. Huddle is like GroupMe or any group chat service, where you can create groups on the fly and talk amongst yourselves to plan out a night, a vacation, etc. Photos is really great as it has an 'Instant Upload' feature that can automatically send your pictures and videos to the cloud for super easy sharing. Free

Infographics: The app has about 50 different infographics created by the design company for its clients. There's trivia-filled images for technology, sociology, learning and more. The app is perfect for those moments when you have a few minutes to spare and want to read something besides boring news.

Toyota Backseat Driver: It's a car driving game for kids. Jalopnik explains: "Using the phone's GPS, the app lets kids drive a "Mama Car," following the same route driven by their parents, while a "Papa Car" ahead poops little cartoon prizes. Collect enough prizes and the kiddos can customize their car with sparkly paint, then share their successes on Twitter."

Cube Dog: It's a living virtual pet. You can customize your cube dog anyway you'd like with different eye shapes, nose shapes, ears, feet, body get the point. Any way you create them, they'll have oodles of character and bundles of cuteness. The Cube Dog is 3D and interactive too so you can poke and pet to have them react to you and pinch and swipe to see them from every angle. It's the joys of having a pet without any of the work.

Gym Genie: It's a fitness app that does everything but hold your hand when you work out. There's over 200 videos and 600,000 workout combinations focusing on the 8 muscle groups you select (abs, back, biceps, chest, forearms, legs, shoulders, triceps) so you'll always have something new to try. Before your work out, just tap on the muscle groups you're focusing on for the day and you'll see 5 videos of exercises you'll be doing for each group, cycle in and out to the next group for 5 more videos.

Alfred: A personal concierge app for the iPhone. The app will read your Facebook status, record your likes and follow your tweets. It will track your movement and keep a list of all your check-ins. Alfred will also scour the Internet and find people who are just like you. It will take all this information and use it to predict where you would like to get a beer, grab a bite to eat or catch a cup of joe. The more you use Alfred, the more it will learn more about you and the better it will get at picking places that you like.

Panamp Music Player: It's an iPod replacement app, so it does everything the iPod app in iOS does: organizes all your music by song, artist or album and plays your music. What makes Panamp different from the stock iOS music player is that everything is displayed on one screen-your current song playing, your music library, etc-so it's easier to get to and so much faster to use. I don't want animations anymore, I just want to get to a specific song as quick as I can $3

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