Sktch: Everyone and their brother has downloaded a brushes-based drawing app for their iPad. Those apps are fine, but if you're looking for a something outside the box, you need to check out Sktch. Sktch was designed by several digital artists and published by CreativeApplications.Net. It includes 16 presets that let you draw circles, meshes or network-style compositions based on a blank image or a photo from your camera roll. You can even view your creation in 3-D mode and change the x, y and z-axis of your creation. The resulting drawings are angular, abstract and immensely captivating. $2

Bjork: Biophilia: Bjork's album app, you can pre-purchase all ten songs for $10, which would be the better option for true fans-and lest you think it's just a straight MP3-playing app, think again. Bjork's cannily packaging each song with extras, such as karaoke versions (just imagine!), lyrics, an essay, "abstract song animation, and with the first song, Crystalline, downloaders can also play a tunnel-racing game.

Infographics: The app has about 50 different infographics created by the design company for its clients. There's trivia-filled images for technology, sociology, learning and more. Perfect for those moments when you have a few minutes to spare and want to read something besides boring news.

Star Wars Blu-Ray: Early Access: Until the Star Wars Blu Ray series releases, iOS users are being given a taster of what "extras" we can expect, via an app. The Star Wars Blu-ray: Early Access app hits the App Store Wednesday for both iPhone and iPad, and will apparently offer up a good view at the 40 hours of features included in the box-set, along with unseen concept art and models from the archives. Plus cast interviews! And crew interviews!

How Stuff Works: An app to figure out how stuff works, duh! It includes access to over 40,000 articles and more usefully, 12,000 videos. The app even has sections to listen to podcasts and test yourself with quizzes too. If you're a curious soul, like I am, HowStuffWorks is a really great explainer.

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