Sketchbook Pro: It's the uber-popular Autodesk SketchBook Pro that's already invaded iPads, iPhones and Androids but now on Honeycomb tablets as well. It's a canvas for you to draw and paint on, with virtual tools and brush styles that can be really used to create art. You can save up to six layers per file and export files to photoshop for further working. Great for professionals who want to use their tablets for ideas and amateurs like me who can only hope to draw a straight line. $5

Gym Genie: It's a fitness app that does everything but hold your hand when you work out. There's over 200 videos and 600,000 workout combinations focusing on the 8 muscle groups you select (abs, back, biceps, chest, forearms, legs, shoulders, triceps) so you'll always have something new to try. I like it because I can't make excuses that I don't know what exercises to do. $1

Viber: A VoIP app that works over 3G and Wi-Fi to give you free calls and texts. What's great is that you can use the contact list on your Android phone to make the calls and reply from texts when they pop up (no need to fire up the app itself). You don't need to set up a username or PIN, and all your calls and texts between Viber users. Works with your iPhone friends too.

Domino Run: A puzzle-type game where you place Dominoes in strategic positions to knock down the existing blue domino. The idea is to overcome obstacles, bridge gaps, destroy platforms and beat challenges in order to properly knock down all the dominoes on your way to victory. The faster you can get it done the better. There's 70 levels in all and a lite version to try before you buy. $2.32 [via Android Central]

Photile Live Wallpaper: A live wallpaper that turns your pictures into a grid of tiles. They float, fade, slide and ripple from your touch so sometimes your picture will become so re-arranged that you might not even recognize what it once was. There's different adjustment settings and you can use any picture you want. Free.

FriendCaster Tab for Facebook: A Honeycomb Tablet Facebook app (because Facebook hates tablets) has a slick photo browsing feature that aligns pictures in a grid of thumbnails for easy snopin'. There's obviously the News Feed, multiple account support, profile viewing, check-ins, walls and more. It's only in beta and it looks pretty great. Free

Gametanium: A subscription service that lets you play Android video games on your phone and tablet. You pay 5 bucks a month and you get access to 75 games (with the goal being 200 by end of 2011). There's decent to good games like Farm Frenzy, Speed X, and Treasures of Montezuma but no A-list titles which makes the monthly cost a bigger burden. In any case, start your free trial to see if it's something you'd be interested in. [via Androinica]

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