The OS X Lion Survival Guide

Okay, so OS X Lion isn't perfect. But chances are that probably isn't going to stop you from picking it up. With that in mind, here's our guide to help you make the most of Apple's new OS. More »

Watch 30 Years of the Space Shuttle In One Single Launch

The end. Today it's all over. Three decades of the Space Shuttle, with its many amazing successes and two horrible failures, are gone forever. This video shows those thirty years in one single launch. More »

New MacBook Airs Get Hit With a Thunderbolt

Apple's brought both sizes of the MacBook Air line straight up to what you'd expect from a laptop in 2011, adding a Thunderbolt port, but more importantly some sweet Sandy Bridge i5 and i7 chips—and backlit keyboards. More »

How to Fix Facebook's New Broken Chat System (YES!)

Gizmodo reader Tal Ater agreed that Facebook's new chat system is a clusterzuck of confusion, so he created a little program to fix it! It will take off the list anyone who's offline. More »

Man Used a Loophole in the Law to Pay 16 Bucks for a $330,000 House

Kenneth Robinson beat the system. We should all be Kenneth Robinson. Kenneth Robinson for President! Kenneth! Kenneth! Why the fuss? Because Robinson found a loophole in the law that let him pay 16 dollars to own a $330,000 house. More »

First Look at the Official New Xbox 360: It's R2-D2

Fanboy. There's perhaps no franchise more immediately connected with our mental conception of a fanboy than Star Wars. Then there's Xbox. A whole ‘nother world of chest-thumping, battle cries, and utter devotion. More »

How News of the World Hacked Everybody's Phones

For a while, leaving your cell unattended seemed like the biggest threat to phone security. But this recent business is a reminder that there are savvier ways someone can violate your phone—without even touching it. More »

Airplane Porn: The First F-35 Arrives at Its First Home

You are watching aviation history. This is the first U.S. Air Force F-35 Lightning II ever, the first step towards a new fleet full of stealth strike fighters. It's fully operative and combat ready. The image gallery is bee-ooh-tee-ful. More »

A Man Who's Never Used a Computer in His Life Tries Internet Explorer

Jennifer Boriss, a Firefox dev, went to the mall seeking test subjects to help improve the browser. She expected to meet people with a range of tech savvy, but she was't expecting a man who'd never before touched a mouse. More »

LulzSec Hacks The Times with Brutal Murdoch Death Notice

Well, seems like LulzSec has returned, and moved beyond the DDOS attack! Not content to merely shut down one of Rupert Murdoch's paper's websites, the hacking group has instead planted a bizarro-Onionesque account of the mogul's death-by-palladium on a Times redesign page masquerading as The Sun. More »

Cozy Up to the Gizmodo Staff

You love us, right? Come on, it's okay to admit it. Well even if you don't love love us (which you totally should), you at least like us, don't you? Of course you do. More »