15 Photos Painted by Hand

What happens when you take a photo, rip away its color and fill in the chromatic gaps with paint (or Photoshop)? You can create vintage-style, hand-colored photos. More »

Finis Swimsense Performance Monitor: Watch Out Michael Phelps

It is miserably hot outside. Swimming makes it seem less miserable. But just how awesome is your breaststroke, Mr. Not-Michael Phelps? The Finis Swimsense Performance Monitor will tell you, in excruciating detail. More »

7 Tools to Assemble a Modern First Aid Kit

Accidents happen. Disasters strike. Emergencies confront us. You don't know when these things could happen, so you should be prepared. And in addition to the normal supply of bandages, antiseptics and painkillers, we rounded up 7 tech-minded first aid solutions. More »

World's Biggest Solar Furnace Delivers a Tiny, 6,300-Degree Slice of the Sun on Earth

What's been around since the '70s, has more mirrors than Studio 54, and generates more heat than John Travolta dancin'-Dancin'-DANCIN' in a polyester pimp suit? More »

The New, Awesomer Xbox 360 Headset Doubles As a Legit Bluetooth Headset (But Please Don't Wear It in Public)

The old Xbox 360 headset is gigantic and expensive, considering it only worked with the Xbox 360. The new Xbox 360 headset? Not only is it much, much better promises Senior Director of Xbox Accessories, Zulfi Alam, it's a Bluetooth headset. More »

BlackBerry Hints New OS 7 Phones For Today, as 9930 Is Leaked to Verizon

What's the best way to skirt over yesterday's announced redundancies? Announce via Twitter and Facebook that your first OS 7 phones are being announced the next day, and then ensure Verizon accidentally leaks a video of the 9930. RIM showed the 9930 off in May, but Verizon's video (hidden in the... More »

Toilet 2.0 — The New King of Thrones

For as much time as people spend on the toilet, you'd think someone would have rectified the glaring design issues with them by now. What? The Toilet 2.0 by David Hakkens did? More »

Time Lapse Video Catches a Man Walking Very, Very Slowly

A YouTube user set up a time-lapse video in downtown Los Angeles in hopes of capturing something cool. Instead, he found this guy who weirdly walks at a snail's pace. More »

The Thinnest House In the World

We've featured some really ultra-thin houses in the past— and then some more— but nothing like the Keret House, an impossibly slim structure that will be built in a crack between two buildings in the Wola district, Warsaw, Poland. More »