Whittling Is Definitely an Artform in Maskull Lasserre's Case

Canadian Maskull Lasserre's woodwork is miles from the kind of whittling woodwork that takes place down in Alabama in a rickety old rocking chair. For one, each piece is incredibly intricate, and extremely macabre, with skulls popping out of furniture and axe handles carved into skeletons. Just one... More »

You'll Want the Tiny Drift HD to Shoot All Your Hi-Def Daredevilry

While Drift Innovation's new Drift HD is certainly not the first of its kind, it wins points for being a lot smaller than its kin. 25% smaller. That alone, rather than its familiar specs, makes it stand out as a helmet cam you'd want. More »

Oslo Killer Was a Microsoft Word Fanatic

In his 1500-page manifesto—spammed to one thousand people more than one hour before the massacre—Norewegian killer Anders Breivik devoted pages and pages about how to read his deadly boring tome, including why he chose Microsoft Word: I chose to send the compendium as a Word file for... More »

The Digger D-3 Eats Landmines for Breakfast (Literally)

Landmines are simple but ridiculously effective and obnoxiously long-lived devices- often killing and maiming civilians long after the end of conflict. The Digger D-3 aims to clear the world's war-zones one mine at a time. More »

Buck Flashpoint Knife: It'll Do Way More Than Cut You

If you are one of the 11 percent of Americans with a dominant left hand, you can stop reading—this knife is of no use to you. For the other 89 percent, the Buck Flashpoint is surprisingly versatile. More »

Scientists Say Earth Killed Her Beloved Dinosaurs With Oceans of Lava

It wasn't just an asteroid come down from the heavens to destroy the former masters of the planet. No. Our Earth Mother knew their time had come, and unleashed oceans of lava to scorch the lands that dinosaurs once roamed. At least, that's what a few daring scientists want to argue. More »

6 Tools for the Urban Indiana Jones

Whether you're taking in the sights of the Big Apple or spelunking the Catacombs beneath Paris, you'll need to be just as prepared as if you were in the wilderness. More »

The Biggest Lie the Internet Ever Told: Free Everything, All the Time

Since you clicked your first link, you were promised one thing about the internet: you may have to pay a cover charge, but once you're in, everything's free. More »

The White House Just Rickrolled Someone on Twitter

Nero YouTubes while Rome burns! The White House, probably realizing the entire country is mega-financially-screwed anyway, just rickolled a Twitter critic who complained about the "entertainment value" of an Obama briefing. More »

The Battleship Trailer is Ridiculous...ly Watchable

It doesn't have Samuel L. Jackson, but it's got Brooklyn Decker and explosions. Well played! And Liam Neeson is pretty much always bad ass, even in bad movies. More »

A Universal Flu Vaccine Is Coming Soon

The thing about the flu is that there's a lot of different strains. One flu season is different from the other and each one requires a new shot. That could change! More »