Team, we're getting very close to iPhone 5 time. You can smell it by the rumors. In fact! Just now 9to5Mac posted a picture of what they say might be the next iPhone. Only one way to be sure: ENHANCE!

According to the Apple rumor site, a tipster sent them a few choice shots of someone who was "likely an Apple employee" (no reason given, possibly there's a black turtleneck under that jacket?) on a train home from San Francisco. As you can see, the image above looks a whole lot like, well, a 3GS? Or iPod Touch, maybe? But it's a blurry shot from a distance, and even the tipster acknowledged that his pics "didn't do it justice." So hit the gallery, where we get all David Caruso on this bitch.

Hmmm... that didn't to help much. Maybe now is a good time to mention that Apple doesn't let prototypes out in the wild without a case to disguise it, and there doesn't seem to be that kind of super-stealth deception here (counterargument: maybe it's just really good super-stealth). Seems unlikely, though, that a prototype would be out naked in public like... aw hell with it ENHANCE!

Okay, hey, well, this works on TV I swear. Probably just not zoomed in enough. But while we get our tech monkeys on it, let it be know that the tipster was vetted as someone who "has had an iPhone 3GS and currently has an iPhone 4." Just like my ma! And and also that the curved body and shiny volume button seen here are an awful lot like a 3GS. But just in case Apple product ownership isn't enough cred to ID an iPhone 5 in the wild that's 80% covered up by someone's hand... ENHANCE!

UGH how the hell do crime scene investigators get any cases solved?! Anyway, yeah, the tipster also said that the phone would fit perfectly into one of those alleged iPhone 5 cases that popped up the other day, although he also didn't see the front of the phone or get a good enough look at the back to tell if it was plastic or glass. There's also no confirmation from these pics of the most preponderant rumors, that the next iPhone will have a wider screen and a bigger home button and ENHANCE!

Well, that's as close as we get. Look, iPhone 5 is coming soon, sure. Probably early September? And the supposed sightings and rumors and general craziness are only going to get worse between now and then. But let's try to save our enthusiasms for the concrete stuff, and not leave our blurry hopes in the hands of a stranger on a train. Unless we want to try one more... [9to5Mac]