Here at Gizmodo, we love Etsy. When artists and crafty folk can connect with potential buyers online, everyone wins… except for the dogs.

Seeing all the homemade sweaters, hats, and other unspeakable things Etsy artists force their own dogs to model, someone had the genius idea of putting all of these sad pooches on a blog and adding clever titles. Just like that, Sad Etsy Dogs was born.

It'll only take you a few minutes to flip through the whole shibangabang despite there being hundreds of hilarious/horrific images. Hundreds?? Are there really that many cruel and unusual humans on Etsy? Yes. Yes there are. But I can pretty much guarantee a handful of guilty but solid gut-laughs at these miserable creatures' expense. And because Sad Etsy Dogs is equal opportunity, there are some Angry Etsy Cats included.

Don't feel too bad. I choose to believe that these pooches are pampered like kings when they're not dressed like total assholes.

Check out a few highlights in the gallery above.

Image credit: Sad Etsy Dogs

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