Good news for webOS customers who waited to buy a TouchPad. With some couponing and savvy shopping, you could buy the 16GB TouchPad for as low as $345 this weekend. That's $155 off the original launch price of $500.

Anyone with a Staples nearby can visit their local store with this $100 off in-store coupon found on Fatwallet. The Touchpad is already discounted by $50 this week and this $100 coupon will drop the price to $350 for the 16GB and $450 for the 32GB model. The trick is finding a store that has the TouchPad in stock. I live in the sticks and all the stores within 100 miles are out of stock of the 16GB model. I'd have to drive 75 miles to get the 32GB model.

If you don't want to trek to the store and are enrolled in K-12 or college, you could take advantage of your educational discount via the HP Academy. HP will discount the TouchPad this weekend by $100 which drops the price of the 16GB model to $400 and the 32GB to $500. The HP Academy may take an extra $25 off the price of the tablet and a coupon (which may or may not work this weekend) could remove another $30. If you can combine these three discounts together, the 16GB TouchPad could be yours for as little as $345, the 32GB for $445. [webOS roundup and Staples]

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