GLMPS: When you snap a photograph, you're capturing a frozen moment in time. But what if you captured the wrong moment? You're never getting the better, not snapped photograph back! GLMPS is an iPhone app that captures a video clip of the few seconds before you snap your photo so you'll always have a memory of what was going on before. Sort of like a mix between GIFs and those pictures in Harry Potter! With GLMPS, there's a bit more context to those blurry iPhone shots you've expertly managed to take but forgotten where you took them. Free

Sound Epic: Ostensibly, it's a music player but the magic of Sound Epic is that it customizes your music library into this magical, hypnotic and almost natural song. Their tagline is that a 3 minute pop song is transformed into an hour long electronic symphony masterpiece. And that's exactly it, you feel enveloped by soul squeezing sounds. I just listened to the Chili Peppers slowed down by 8 times and the whole song warped me into this dream-like, euphoric state straight ouf of Gondry's brain.

Trail Maps: It's a map app that lets you download extremely detailed maps of trails and cities all over the globe. It has hi-res Bing aerial shots and maps from the US Geological Survey. The app also tracks your route across the trails visually, and keeps a profile of your distance, speed, elevation and more. You can also add waypoints, search, and measure distance on the maps. It's basically command central for any hiking trip. $3

Love Is Not Abuse: The "Love Is Not Abuse" app, which arrives later this month, will bombard you with digital abuse after downloading it: "Upon authenticating their accounts when downloading, parents receive menacing and overbearing phone calls, e-mails, and text messages that mimic the same experience their teen may be undergoing. The app even takes it a step further by tampering with social media accounts, such as Facebook." UHhh...

FBI Child ID: The Child ID app not only stores all the data on your kid you'll want to provide authorities should they vanish, but gives you a quick means of emailing this info to police with a few taps. It won't prevent your child from getting kidnapped, but it could mean saving their life if they do.

Snoozerr: Upon first glance, Snoozerr looks the same as every other audio recorder out there, but then you see the camera button and it all makes sense. The app gives you the ability to take pictures while recording audio which is cool in and of itself, but what's even more useful is the way it's played back. Every picture you take is automatically timestamped with the moment it was captured in the audio track. $1

Vonage: To suck people into downloading their free app, Vonage is giving away 15 minutes' free international calling. Thereafter, you can pre-pay for bulk minutes, with the approximate cost being $2 per 15 minutes-billable to your iTunes.

eBay Instant Sale: With eBay Instant Sale, all you have to do is search for the gadget you're selling, and eBay will make you an offer. If you accept, you're basically selling your old electronics to a reseller, so while the price might not be as high as you'd get otherwise, it's got to be the fastest and easiest way to clear out that bottom drawer. eBay will then send you a free shipping label to print off, which you attach to a parcel and send on to the reseller.

Adidas Originals: The app lets you take a picture of your current shoes and then spits out a similar pair available on Adidas. It's sorta cool for the 3D image recognition software and the clean app UI. It might be time to replace those old beaters you got on anyway and Adidas kicks are as classic as they come.

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