Thank You, Lucy, for Practically Inventing Watchable TV

Legendary comedienne Lucille Ball would've turned 100 today. May she rest in peace. Google's even got a fresh new doodle in her honor, with the video up top featured within. But Lucy did more than just play a TV housewife.

Actually, she and the I Love Lucy show were groundbreaking in their own right. Apart from Lucy's knack for physical comedy, she and her real-life husband Desi Arnaz both ran their own production company, with Lucy helming the whole thing. They were also the first to film in front of a live studio audience with a multi-camera setup, which was huge at the time. Finally, they effectively invented reruns by refusing to film in the low quality kinescope format. Not too bad for a sitcom.


And, lest we forget, Desilu Productions helped give birth to Star Trek, which just heaps on the awesome. You and Netflix owe her your thanks. [Google, Thanks guys!]

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