Today Sony's PSP guys gave us a heads-up on what's next for the portable. Two years after launching in Japan, we're finally going to get GPS action for the PSP on this side of the pond. Happily, it looks like we'll be getting a much better package than Japan for a change.

Due in the next 12 months (hopefully by Christmas, but not likely), the US PSP navigation software will be all new and much sexier, powered by Tele Atlas with a solid, easy-to-use UI and great-looking maps. The coup de grace is full 3D walkthroughs of cities, supposedly first in the portable class, at least in the US. Sony is aiming for it to be cheaper than most GPS setups too, like $100 to $200, and you can run it off UMD or memory stick. Plus, it'll come with a carmount.


Overall, it's pretty exciting stuff that could really break open the GPS market. Beyond navigation, Sony is thinking about treasure hunts, friend locaters and other geo-coolness.

Sony is also cooking up a keyboard that would plug into the bottom, the A/V and headset jacks, and would fold up to protect the screen when you're not using it. [Sony]