As the launch of the iPhone 5 looms, the number of idiotic fakes is increasing exponentially. Every fanboy with Photoshop is trying to be the center of attention by posting blurry images made with their cute little sausage fingers.

Here's a guide of the best and worst iPhone 5 fakes and concepts so far.

Terrible fake, lots of effort.
Our Moron Numero 1 just made a whole fake iPhone 5 site and then went on a pretended screen captured tour of it. Never mind the crappy three-dimensional renderings next to poorly set typography, because gullible fanboys around the world can't contain it their liquid pleasure explosions anymore. If you believe this is real, however, you should smash your head with a guitar, like this other assclown.

Renders based on case design.
MacRumors just published what they believe could be the real thing, all based on cases already being produced by Chinese manufacturers. The cases leave a lot of details out, but with a little imagination, they have filled the blanks. If the past is any lesson, I wouldn't be surprised if it ends looking like this.

More dümmer German crap.
These guys are not even pretending to be real. Just dropped some crude renders in iMovie, put Ken Burns on overload, and then called it a "leak" hoping to get some YouTube imbeciles.

The slim French connection.
When this slim blurry photo was published by some French dude on the web, everyone went wild. Except us, who made fun of it by showing how easy it is to fake these thinner iPhone 4s in Photoshop. This photo of an iPhone 4 was manipulated, then blurred out a bit here and there to avoid detection. If you zoom in, however, you can see the intentionally pixelated imperfections.

At least he tried.
Ciccarese Design wants something like the MacBook Air and I don't blame him. I actually like this Appenzeller cheese wedge design, and there have been rumors about it. He says it's "coming soon" but it's just a 3D rendering coming from his imagination.

Clone of the real thing?
This is my favorite and it's not only because I like the design, but because it matches most of the rumors so far and it feels real. It's a fake, though. But a real one: an iPhone 5 clone with bad typography and typos on the back that is being manufactured in Shenzhen, China, in a company near Foxconn's megafactory, where iPhones and other Apple products are produced. I suspect that is a clone of the real thing. Here are my reasons.

White is always horrible.
This is the video of that alleged iPhone 5 clone. It looks really hideous in white, just like the current iPhone 4. It also seems thicker than the photos, which were alleged to be of a 7mm thick iPhone 5 clone.

Nice mockup.
This concept was published a while back and it's claimed to be accurate by This Is My Next Web. It's a mockup of a sketch from a source, who says it's more like the iPod touch than the iPhone 4, with a "teardrop shape" and almost no bezel. It rings true, as it follows the same design language that Apple uses now. Except for that big honking home button.

Case manufacturer leak.
This mockup of an iPhone 5 inside a case may be more real than you think. Case manufacturers often leak future Apple products details through their cases. And many times they are right. It happened with the iPad 2 and other second and third generation products. This design, however, doesn't match other rumors going around, except the side-to-side screen.

The not pretender.
A reader sent us this pretty rendering, which used some of the rumors to create an interesting look. Unlike many of the dimwits who send us images pretending they are real every other day, he sent us all these images at face value. So we published them because they are nice and interesting. But of course, not real.

The Frankeniphone.
iSpazio made this 1/3G/4 frankeniPhone in 3D. I don't dislike it, but it's just a concept. It's an evolution of the current design that links to the previous generations and misses many of the rumors. It looks nice-ish.