Whether or not Sony's PR firm was behind this "leaked" video of the much-anticipated Sony Alpha A77 (and, come on, don't bullshit me), it's still video of the Sony Alpha A77. And it looks rad.

The big but beautiful 24-megapixel beast revealed itself to the world in July, in some "leaked" pictures. This time we only see it from the back as it's supposedly discovered in the sand by some random person, who then videos himself taking a quick, perfect photo of the ocean. Right. And I'm Queen Victoria.

Silly as the premise is, once again the camera looks awesome. The "found in the sand" element is almost certainly a ploy to show off just how tight and dirt-resistant its seams are, which is indeed impressive. It also flaunts its quick auto-focus in live-view mode which is probably made possible by its rumored translucent mirror. Hokey PR aside, we still can't wait to put our paws all over this thing. [SonyAlphaRumors via Engadget via PetaPixel]

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