Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a Oregon State University student, had planned to set off a car bomb at a 2010 Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon before he was caught (in a setup). His friends had no idea. Now, with hindsight, they're writing letters to him.

Bassam Tariq of the "30 Mosques" project, gave all of Mohamed Osman Mohamud's, known as 'MoMo', friends a Livescribe Smartpen and asked them what they would say to him now if they could. It's an interesting question: how do you treat a friend now knowing that he was a terrorist that wanted to kill innocent civilians? The responses were varied: some reminisced about the simpler past, others talked about theories, many expressed regret and one wrote indirectly to him.

Many of his friends knew MoMo shared "unorthodox views" but never thought he would go as far as he did. A friend put it this way: "We all know that one crazy guy in the mosque, but we don't think he'd ever do anything." As for me, I wouldn't know what to say or not say, do or not do. Do I tell him I can't support him anymore? Offer him help? I don't know. I'd probably lean towards the former but hope I could do the latter. Here's one letter a high school friend wrote to him. You can find all the others and the full story here. [30 Mosques via BoingBoing]