Everyone knows that Ashton Kutcher, actor and sometimes tech investor, is replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. What people might not know is that Ashton's getting a sweet deal: nearly a million dollars an episode and this palatial don't-call-it-a-trailer "mobile estate".

Made by Rob Anderson of Anderson Mobile Estates, these trailers run for about $8,750 a week. That 35 grand a month rent snags you a 53 foot long, 15 ft 10 inches tall, 30 ton, 1,100 sq foot slice of heaven. What's awesome—past the seven 3D plasma screens, the two bathrooms, satellite TV, 360 degree security and amazing customizability—is that the side sections and second floor of the trailer "hydraulically emerge from the main body" and "the furniture is specially designed to fold or collapse in order to accommodate the retractable top and side sections".


It's all controlled by a touchscreen remote and completely dwarfs my apartment. Which admittedly isn't saying much, but I'd become trailer trash so fast to live in this thing. Anderson Mobile Estates has outfitted these mobile estates for Will Smith, Vin Diesel, Mariah Carey and more and is working on a brand new model that'll include a third (!) story. I wonder who's going to land that. [Anderson Mobile Estates via Daily Mail]

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