Pops: Notifications on Android are totally useful, which is totally great, right? I mean, notifications should be non-intrusive, seamless and get you to where you need to go. Pops isn't that. Instead it makes notifications ridiculous. You can flip your email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, etc. notifications into VIDEO or ANIMATED notifications. Nyan Cat, Android Robot, anything. Think of it as the next evolution of ringtones. Free

Skitch: Skitch, the endlessly popular screenshot and image editing tool for Mac, is now available in smartphone-sized form on Android. You can take pictures or upload photos to Skitch and quickly personalize it with MS paint-style tools, add some text captions and of course, draw arrows. Free

Creationary: It's like Pictionary but with LEGO bricks. You roll a dice to determine the category, then the app starts building the object with lego bricks and you select what you think that object will be. It's a race against time to score more points. Pictionary + LEGO = epic fun. Free [via Androinica]

Shovel Heroes: A game where you play a character stuck on an island armed with a shovel. You dig around the ground to earn coins and treasures to upgrade your boat into a ship to travel around, fight the bad guys, earn more coin and customize your character. There's fun mini-games to poke around with along the way, 80 islands to discover, cute graphics to coo at and best of all, it's completely free.

AnimGIF Live Wallpaper 2: It's a wallpaper "app" that lets you use any GIF you find on the world wide web as your phone's wallpaper. I put app in quotes because its actually more like a settings option, the app is only visible as another option when you want to change wallpapers. It's really smart though, I just mindlessly downloaded a bunch of GIFs straight to my phone from our cinemagraph shooting challenge and a few other sites like mmminimal and the GIFs auto-adjusted themselves just fine. The app also has settings to shuffle through your GIF collection, set intervals of the animation, adjust quality resize and more. It gives your phone a brand new personality.

Google Reader: The easiest RSS reader to use with Google Reader finally got updated to work (and look pretty) on honeycomb Tablets. [Photo via Android Police]

Swype: The update brings a few nice improvements to the original sliding keyboard, the biggest of which are App Gestures. Highlight some text, then slide from the Swype-Key to the T to the W, and it'll open Twitter and have the text all ready for you to Tweet. You can do the same thing with an address from a text message, but have it open in Google Maps. There are also shortcuts for cut, copy, paste, and select all. Spiffy. Currently only available for Sprint Nexus S 4G owners.

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