Screw the stock market, screw cash monies, I'm putting everything I have in gold. And you know where you can pan for gold these days? Your old computer. There's always been tiny traces of gold (some as thinner than human hair) on the circuit boards. Just rip 'em and melt 'em for a gold nugget.

At over $1900 an ounce—it's big time money making opportunity! And that's exactly what Jem Stansfield did. He cut apart his old computer circuit boards and ripped his old phone apart (there's gold in the SIM card port and numberpad) and then poured concentrated nitric acid (which dissolves a ton o' stuff) all over it. It didn't get rid of everything so he went bold: he used a concoction of acid to make all the gold disappear. A sorta reverse methodology. Once it turned to this disgusting black milky liquid, he added A LOT of super scientific powder to get gold and then blasted it with intense heat to make it shine once again. All that work and he made this:

I'm not about to suggest you take all your old computers and do the same but WE SHOULD ALL DO THE SAME THING. It's the modern day gold mining, people. Don't be left behind when I'm rolling the dough of multi-thousand dollar bills. Sure, you might melt your hand off with all that acid but gold! Gold! GOLD! Watch the entire video of what Jems Stanfield did here.[BBC]

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