Just how deeply is Steve Jobs intertwined with the existence and vitality of Apple? Every time concerns over the company's former-CEO have risen, Apple's stock took an appreciable tumble. Today's resignation news appears to be no different.

After each dip, AAPL's rebounded, climbing to today's enormous price. But that price is already slipping in after hours trading as I write this. We'll see if there's a rebound.

Aug 1, 2004 - Jobs undergoes pancreatic surgery

Apple Price Stock Chart by YCharts

Jan 14, 2009 - Jobs receives a liver transplant

Apple Price Stock Chart by YCharts

Jan 17, 2011 - Jobs announces a medical leave of absence

Apple Price Stock Chart by YCharts

538's number wiz Nate Silver chimes in with an expectedly staggering factoid via Twitter:

AAPL has lost $18 billion in market capitalization since the Jobs news broke, about the same as the GDP of Paraguay.

Image via MarketWatch

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