Glenn Neff is not a happy camper. How do I know? Because he was just arrested driving a Jeep with a home-brew fireworks auto-cannon and plans fire off large amounts of rockets at Capitol Hill. So yeah, just a bit pissed.

Neff, a resident of Stuart, Florida, was arrested in Bethesda, Maryland after officers discovered his vehicle filled with fireworks and outfitted with a multi-PCV-pipe turret for launching them. Police report that Neff disclosed he had planned to fire off the rockets at the National Mall in an effort to draw attention to issues he had with the banking industry. Police also foundā€”surprise, surpriseā€”drug paraphernalia and alcohol in the vehicle.

He's since been charged with three felonies: possession of a destructive device, transport of a destructive device and manufacture of a destructive device. He faces a maximum of 75 years in prison if convicted on all three counts. Five lesser charges include counts of paraphernalia and fireworks possession. And, just to drive them nails deep, Neff is also charged with "use of a park after dark." [WUSA]

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