Intel's ultrabook spec is one of the best things the PC market has going for it right now. Asus, excited by this, plans to release five to seven new models of the slim, powerful PCs in the next year. Overkill?

Though range of models will range in price between $800 and $2000, they'll all fundamentally resemble the Core i7-packing Asus UX21, which has the MacBook Air in its crosshairs. Still though, does a company need to release 7 separate models in a single year?

Too often, PC makers think there need to be a million different options in every laptop class. Hopefully "five to seven" just means there will be spec variations on 2 or 3 main products. If not, get ready to start swimming in a sea of ultrabooks once the likes of Sony and Acer and (maybe?) HP jump into the mix. [FT via TIMN]