Droid Bionic, where have you been? You've been teasing us since January, and now that you're finally coming, will people care or will you be out-shone by others who got to the party sooner and look at least as pretty?

Droid-Life has scooped up a bunch of docs that show the Motorola Droid Bionic hitting Verizon on September 8th. It looks to pack in some very sweet features like video-chat over Google Talk (which means you can video chat with anyone that has Gmail), an 8MP camera "with improved low-light performance", and tons of accessories (including a laptop dock). Now Android Central has confirmed that Costco will be launching it on the 8th as well. It certainly looks like a killer phone, but who's going to grab it and who's going to snub it for arriving so ridiculously late? Did Motorola/Verizon wait too long, and now the Droid/Nexus Prime is too close? (check the gallery for the leaked images) [Droid-Life and Android Central]

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