Well, it's clearer than ever that GameStop thinks mobile gaming is its future. At a trade show in Vegas last week, they officially dragged iDevices into their kinda bad trade-in business while also carrying new ones. The good news? They might sell iPhone 5s, too.

Selling the full array of iOS devices is probably the natural next stop for GameStop. While the gaming industry keep pushing against them, the mobile gaming market keeps growing. Having Apple as a partner can only help with their bottomline, and with the iPhone 5 around the corner, this announcement is very shrewdly timed. If you trade in your iPhone now, your credits can be used toward buying a new one come October.

I just can't help but worry someone somewhere is going to get ripped off for trading in an iPad with a few dings in it. What's this? A scratch? $30. Sorry! [9to5 Mac via Geekosystem]

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Nell Redmond