This week, we have bike hacks that bring the whole idea of "bike" into question, a folding bike that squeezes down to just 8 inches, how to build a rocket stove out of wood, mini electric trucks run by solar, and more!

1. How Much Energy Do We Consume, And Where? Infographic Explains
Which are the top 3 energy-consuming states? How do we rank compared to other countries? What's the most energy-consuming activity we do in our homes each day? This infographic from PowerSuperSite answers these questions and more — and many of these facts may surprise you!


2. Apple Under The Gun from Chinese Green Groups Over Supply Chain Pollution
Five Chinese environmental NGOs published the findings of a seven-month study, showing that Apple has a lot of clean-up work to do on its supply chain.

3. 10 Mind-Blowing Bike Hacks
When is a bike not a bike? When it has been cut apart and remade into one of these awesome bike hacks, which turn everyday cycles into cargo haulers, passenger carriers, tall bikes, and more.

4. Tiny Concept Commuter Bike Folds Up To Just 8 Inches
This tiny folding bike might be the smallest, most easily portable pedal-powered transportation we've seen...but is it practical?


5. How To Make $4 Grocery Panniers For Your Bike
Saddle bags for your bike can be expensive. Canvas grocery panniers can run as much as $45 each. Instead of laying out $45, you can spend $4 and get two that will work just as well.

6. Ask Pablo: Do Solar Panels Contribute To The Heat Island Effect?
Dear Pablo: Does installing commercial rooftop solar PV (with the dark-colored PV cells) negate the effect of painting that same roof white to alleviate the "heat island" effect in cities?

7. Building a Wood-Burning Rocket Mass Heater. From Wood. (Video)
From rocket stoves aiding relief in Haiti, to building your own cookstove, ultra-efficient rocket stove designs have been around for some time. But this one is a little different. When Paul Wheaton decided to build a wood-burning rocket stove, he chose a rather unconventional material to make it from... he built it out of wood.

8. Scientists Harness The Power Of Plant Photosynthesis With Biophotovoltaics
Doctoral candidate Paolo Bombelli collaborated with designers Alex Driver and Carlos Peralta to produce these intriguing concept designs, ranging from a moss-powered lamp to a colony of 'solar masts'.

9. Removing Arsenic From Water With...Plastic Bottles and Nutrition Supplements?!
Researchers have found that by combining cut-up plastic bottles with a nutrient found in dietary supplements, water contaminated by arsenic can be made clean enough to drink.

10. How Tiny Solar Trucks Can Save American Cities
In the Netherlands, the country's fourth-largest city is actively working to make a cargo delivery "train" out of mini electric trucks driven by solar power, shifting the way the city approaches one piece of its freight transportation.