Contrary to popular belief, DOGS (of either the WAR or POLICE variety) are not impervious to bullets. And yet! Man's best friend still throws caution to the wind in order to serve and protect.

In honor of these proud beasts—for whom Super Bowl MVP and True American Hero Ben Roethlisberger just bought some swank kevlar vests in Montgomery County, MD—here are seven pieces of awesome gear to create an unstoppable K-9 canine.

RAM Muzzle

If you take this little guy's muzzle off, he will, in fact, tear off your face and wear it as if it were his own. $100

Stab-Proof Vest

Good luck trying to shank this POLICE DOG. That's a stab-proof vest it's wearing. $1000

Rappel Sling

With this rappel sling, POLICE DOGS can indulge in their wildest Batdog fantasies as they descend down buildings. $160

Mounted K9 Camera System


Dog Boots

Pooch In Boots > Puss In Boots. 'Nuff Said. $65

K9 Storm Intruder Vest

Actually, dogs wearing cameras never gets old. It wouldn't be a canine gear post without the image that started it all, so here's a German Shepherd wearing a K-9 Storm Intruder Vest, complete with camera and antenna. Oh, and it's designed for amphibious operations. Again, awesome. $30,000

Modular Harness System

Combat canines are pretty awesome on their own. When they carry their own gear, they enter a whole new realm of excellence. $130


No comment needed. $20

Lead image via Shutterstock/Marcel Jancovic