If you need a quarter, but live in a part of the country in which coinage has been banned by some tyrannical mayor, iFixit's got you. Or maybe you're just some pervert who gets off on paying $3 for $0.25.

iFixit claims it sources its quarters directly from its founder's pockets—so you can maybe clone him with a fleck of leftover skin! Or maybe you just need the quarter for unscrewing something with a quarter-sized groove. Maybe you live in a foreign country that doesn't use the American Quarter Dollar. What's that like? Have you never known the joy of sliding a fresh, weighty, shiny quarter into an arcade cabinet? Can you do a coin toss with a Euro? I do not know, but I can assure you this isn't a ripoff: each quarter comes in a static proof bag. That's at least another ten cents of value right there. [iFixit]