The assclowns running Aol and Yahoo! think that merging their two sinking companies into one is a great idea. They may have their own dicks into their ears because they can't hear the whole internet screaming how stupid that is.

But fear not. We are not going to sit still as these two companies decide to self-destruct together into a huge explosion of poop. No, we are going to help them designing their incoming corporate image. And you can help too: What's the best logo for Yahoo-Aol? Decide from the gallery or post you own in the comments or in Twitter. Every new logo will get added to this gallery along with your byline.

Yahoo running clown logo by Chris Madden. Chris is a New York-based illustrator and designer. You can see his work here, follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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Excellent contribution by Raduku.C.

Great contribution by The Amazing Onion Man.

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