Even GameStop Is Making an Android Tablet

Tablets. Tablets. Tablets. iPads, Android tablets, $99 Touchpads, everyone wants to make a tablet. Hell, even Gamestop—the brick and mortar video game store—wants to build their own. I'm not kidding, they're making an Android-powered tablet that's good at games.

GameStop President Tony Bartel recently said:

"If we can't find [a tablet] that's great for gaming, then we will create our own."


And they've already started. The tablet, based on Android, is undergoing testing right now and will be able to play a "modest selection" of mobile games. But what makes it a wee bit interesting than Android Tablet Clone 3000 is that the GameStop tablet will even let you stream console games as well. Heck there's even a real controller for gaming die-hards!

There's no detail on price or release date, so we'll have to keep our ears and eyes open. [GamesIndustry.biz via TIMN]

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