Facebook's Rolling Out Smart Lists and Summaries for People with Too Many Friends

Facebook's doling out new features to the masses this week. Their Google-Plus-alike Smart Lists will help you divide up the friends you care about. And their new email summaries will mush together the thousands of notifications you get from friends you don't.

Smart Lists, as you know, allows you to cull through your friends and divvy them up according to how they relate. That's not all that smart, so they'll automagically create lists for you based on associations—college, workplace, etc. You can also determine how you see them in your feed. Select your Work list, and you'll see your work buddies in your feed. Meanwhile, put someone in the Acquaintances list, and you'll simply see them less.


Facebook's also reportedly testing out new summary emails for those of you who didn't turn off all email notifications a long time ago. People who get bombarded with emails about people commenting on how much they loved True Blood can now expect emails digesting all the comments into one simple place. That's nice of them... but I kind of don't want the emails at all. [Facebook Blog, Inside Facebook via Geekosystem]

Screengrab via @NickStarr

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