We run into a lot of astronomy photos around Giz, but the sheer beauty of space and its expanses never gets old. The Royal Observatory and Sky at Night Magazine have announced the winners of their best astronomy photograph contest, and we've collected a few of the best here for you.

For the full set, head over to the National Maritime Museum's site. [National Maritime Museum via National Geographic]

Our Solar System/Overall Winner
Jupiter with lo and Ganymede, September 2010 by Damian Peach (UK)


People and Space Winner
Stargazing by Jeffrey Sullivan (USA) 30 June 2011

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People and Space Runner Up
Hunting Moon by Jean-Baptiste Feldmann (France) 6 April 2011

Earth and Space Winner
Galactic Paradise by Tunç Tezel (Turkey) 11 July 2010


Deep Space Winner
Vela Supernova Remnant by Marco Lorenzi (Italy) 5 February 2011