Let's say you steal a $16,000 diamond and get caught. Tough noogies I guess, but what're you gonna do? Oh, swallow it in plain sight of the cop that's arresting you? No no, that can't be right. And yet!

Two British women were eating at a restaurant in Spain when one discovered her handbag, which she'd left on the floor, had gone missing. The handbag contained about $3,000 worth of currency, a diamond pendant worth about $16,000, and other valuables. So obviously something you'd just leave lying around on the floor of a restaurant.


Luckily, the thieves were found a few hours later at a traffic checkpoint. The bag, the cash, and the rest of the British lady's stuff was found—except the diamond to the pendant. But police did spot "one of the men putting his hand in his mouth." Hmmmm.

A quick round of x-rays at the local medical center turned up the diamond, and while the report doesn't state it explicitly, we can pretty much guess what happened from there. [Yahoo]