@BreakingNews, the massively popular Twitter feed that is often the first to tip us off about earthquakes, explosions, and other matters of import, looks like it got its butt hacked screwed up.

Minutes ago, the account beamed out a strange tweet: "@BreakingNews Compare all three versions of the Pentagon Papers and see what the US kept from us all those years," accompanied with a link to a George Washington University-hosted analysis of the uncensored Pentagon Papers. The tweet was almost immediately removed, and the above quasi-explanation went up. "It was not sent by our team" sounds like a hack job‚ÄĒbut why go through the trouble just to post something serious? It doesn't resonate with the usual LULZGOTCHA ethos, or plain idiocy of most Twitter hacks.


Update: Breaking News has updated their feed with the following:

A previous tweet referring to the Pentagon Papers was sent out due to an internal error. It has been deleted. We apologize for the confusion


Which makes it sound like it was sent by their team, and not an outside miscreant.