You can already rent movies on Facebook. Now, according to the New York Post, Mark Zuckerberg will be showing off his plan for bringing Hulu and possibly even Netflix into the fold at the upcoming F8 conference.

The move, in a way, resembles Facebook's plan for integrating music services into their network. Sources told the Post that tighter integration could allow people to see what their friends are watching in their newly revamped newsfeeds. Apart from that, the details are scant. Real-time viewing parties? It's possible. Just not confirmed. But the deal keeps things interesting for Hulu pre-buyout, its backing providers having all but jumped ship and offering their own streaming services.

There's also talk about Netflix hopping aboard, which would be great given their present bad fortune. But nothing has been confirmed on that end either. We'll know for sure in a few days. [NY Post via Business Insider]