Saturday night is about stripping down to the rougher, roguish, and restless in you and dressing it back up in a fine suit. Well, for me anyway. Sometimes. Maybe you, too? It's about getting weird and dancing. So this is Chromeo's Night by Night.

Chromeo is this Canadian electrofunk outfit composed of the virtuosic P-Thugg and Dave 1, and this song features on their Business Casual album. And their sound—this song, especially—really just highlights the night. In form, it's slick, clean, and dressed to the nines. Maybe even overdressed, replete with 80s synth as it is. But underneath it all, with its dark bass line and pumping guitar, it's pure id. It's pure, lusty abandon. And it's amazing. Seriously. If you hear this on the dance floor, you have to move.

Unfortunately, I can't exactly move like Dave 1 up there. But suffice it so say I know what I'm doing. Now get out of here. Go find someone to take home. Or twelve. [iTunes]

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