Netflix wasn't the first to come up with the name Qwikster, which is what they are calling their new/old spinoff DVD company. That distinction goes to a Mr. Jason Castillo, a man with an affinity for bitches and weed.

Or maybe this young gentleman is actually working for Qwikster, and he's trying to do a viral thing? Hmm, well, here are a few highlights from Jason's @qwikster Twitter feed.

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See, in the above tweet he's clearly talking about how he's bored because his new Qwikster DVD hasn't arrived yet. He's illustrating how youth, lost in a sea of ennui may turn to drugs. That's why we need Qwikster!

Okay, here the "bitch" is the DVD he returned. He's already enjoyed the movie, and now someone else is. He doesn't need to hear about who else is watching the DVD, he's moved on to new DVDs from Qwikster!

This... uh... I dunno. I think he's talking about Blockbuster.

Oh snap! That's a dig at Netflix, his parent company, for not "feeding" him a good name. Controversy!

"Cute ass gurl" = DVDs! Have you seen their selection! There's so many to choose from!

I hereby predict that Netflix will be offering this kid a bathtub full of cash for this handle within the next few hours. But @qwikster, don't do it! We need your wacky commentary on this whole DVD debacle! We need your complex metaphors! Oh, who am I kidding? Of course @qwikster will sell. Do you know how much weed he could buy with that money? It would last, like, days!

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