I found myself today at Sequoia Nation Park and I was already taking pictures trying to capture at least a little glimpse of how amazing the trees were. I took this photo with the intention of making an HDR file with it. I was able to merge the files into a nice HDR image. I then applied the surrealistic filter in the HDR editor. To make sure I stayed with the spirit of the challenge, I then went through the regular filters and added a lens flare and some gaussian blur. I took many lens flare pictures over the last few days, so it kills me to add one from the filters- but it is fun here so I don't mind too much. I had my camera set to aperture priority and f22. That is all I remember about my settings (most of the image was made after the fact in this case anyways).

-Sally Maddocks

No real story here it was all about getting out and finding a reasonable subject to use as a starting point. To that end I wandered the streets of Darwin taking a variety of locations and sights to work on at home. I ended up choosing this one for the "mechanical" effect that I achieved. The original photo is the satellite dish on top of one of our local TV Stations.
Shot on a Pentax K200D, f/9.5, 1/250th sec, ISO-200 with a Sigma 18-50 mm short zoom lens set at 50 mm.
Post editing was done in "the GIMP" a fairly old version that I really must update one day. I tried various filters such as posterisation and blurs before I hit on the Polar Coordinates filter. Settings were circle depth 50% and offset angle 70.


The overall effect looked very mechanical with the satellite dish looking more like a claw coming out from behind the trees. Very sci fi or transformer like.

-Nick Smith

College freshman moving into Philadelphia to begin his four years. Snatched this photo outside of Macy's in city center at dawn while waiting for the taxi. Managed a few adjustments like a BnW filter, adjusted some contrast, and yep, ready to be submitted! I really enjoyed my slightly oily lens cover from watching YouTube videos while waiting for a couple friends shop; it's what contributed to the dreamy sunset effect. Sweet dreams Philadelphia.

-Roger Zhang

Canon EOS Rebel T3, EF-S lens 18-55mm, used Av mode, Exposure 1/25sec at F / 4.5, Focal Length 24mm, ISO 100.
Used Lightroom 3 for processing used color creative-color cp 1 Filter and just added more black to it


This was my first photo i took with my DSLR and decided to go back and retake it for this challenge.

-John Tan-Torres

This photo of my daughter, Eden, was taken with an iPhone 3GS. I was pushing her around in her stroller when she woke up and gave me this curious-yet-mischievous look. A couple of artistic filters were applied in Photoshop and I altered the colors using the Colorize function.

- Jared Huguet

Nikon D5000 18 mm f/3.5 ISO640 1/500 sec.

I took this picture during Community Day on our campus. There's free BBQ and there's a lot of people taking that chance to have a picnic near Passion Puddle field. As for the post-processing, I used PhotoScape to edit the picture. I apply 'Cross Process', 'Cellophane', 'Newsprint', and finally, 'Crystalize', to get a pseudo-pointillism drawing as the end product. Just some silly stuff.

-Ali Aiman Mazwin

I took this pic with my Motorola cliq phone so I could use it as my phone background, then in photoshop used a colored pencil filter, and an oddly angled spotlight to get the final result.

-Ryan Mattison

Hi, I took this photo at the Bowling Alley with my son the other day.
He was pretending to play one of the racing games (I didn't let him
have a quarter). I applied glowing edges and then tiled the image to
make it super stylish. Like lasers!


-Billy Hunt

We had the sprinkler going while I was testing out my new telephoto lens. So i took a picture of the water droplets from the other side of my yard and thought it turned out pretty neat as a standard photo. So here I am stuck working on a Saturday and I decided to play around with some filters in Photoshop CS5.1. I applied all the filters and played around with their presets and I liked this one the best.

Canon Rebel T3
EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II
ISO 6400

-Brian Georger

Stroke Width 10
Stroke Pressure 2
Contrast 16

Camera: Nikon D3000
Lens: Sigma 70-300mm (focal at 220mm)
F-stop: f/5
Exposure:1/500 sec.

This plant plant was taken in my backyard. Behind is actually the color of a yellow tree. I used the glowing edges effect, inverted. Then I use a soft light layer effect. I was going for the painting effect and the background looks like a silhouette of the sunset.

-Tan Le

I liked the idea of a Shi* Shining contest in Gizmodo so here is my entry. Taken with a Canon 5D MKII and a 24-70 2.8L. I created a duplicate background layer in photoshop and doubled down on a cooling filter at 100%. Thought I might as well do a throwback to last weeks contest and utilized the complimentary colors and layered the blueish background in followed by a spotlight filter to change the direction of the highlights. Merged down and then used the Vignette Blur from Color Effects Pro to top it off. Cheesy filters and a cliche photo. Hope you like.

-Jason Reed

"Comic Cat"

This is a photograph of my orange tabby cat, Marmalade. I chose the Cartoon and Newsprint filters, because he is very funny and very loud. He is almost like a cartoon character with his antics. This day, he had played with a small ball of yarn, creating a web of yarn through the house.


I photographed this photo with Canon Digital Rebel, set on Auto Flash. I first edited the photo in Picassa, using the contrast and saturation tools. Then, I opened the photo in GIMP and applied the Cartoon and Newsprint filters. I added a comic book style word bubble by creating a selection path and the cut tool. I then stroked the selection with a 7 pt. line and added a border around the photo to also give a comic book feel. I also used the text tool to add the words.

Since the photo has a portrait format, I tiled the word "MEOW!" around the photo on a white background to make the photo work as a wallpaper.

-Jennifer Bryant

Here's my submission for the Filter shooting challenge.

This was shot with an older Canon Digital Rebel 300D, 50mm, f/5.6, 100 ISO, 1/100 shutter.


I was driving into work this morning and the sun looked awesome so I stopped to get a few pictures near a lake by my house. Then I took the picture and loaded it into Picnik! Woot!!

I used the "Duo-Tone" filter with Red and Yellow, then I applied the "Heat Map", then I used the "Focus Zoom".

Hope you like it!

-Korwin Stevens

Hey guys I'm from the UK, and this summer was lucky enough to road trip across America for 2months.
When we were in San Francisco I saw this family by the waters edge flying their kite whilst we sat in our car looking for directions to the hostel and took a few shots. It wasn't until i got home I realised how amazing it looked. I have a real love for squared images since using my mini Diana. The camera used is my Canon 7D with the EF 28-70mm L USM Lens - shot in RAW.


-Ollie Hooper

Sunset Boulevard

I noticed some people in Union Sq Park looking at the sky and this is what they, and I, saw. I thought the lighting was dramatic and somehow reminded me of a matte painting like they use in films. It was shot with a Panasonic GH2/14-140 handheld. I figured with a few tweaks and filters it would make a good entry for this contest. I edited it on my iPad using the excellent Snapseed from Nik Software. I used one of the Grunge textures along with the Center Focus filter.

f/5.5, ISO-160, 1/20 sec

-Will Gavillan

I've heard in the past that filters (or textures like I used) are often used as a crutch for a bad photo, and to some extent I agree, but with a vast collection out there I've found myself playing with them on occasion. This is just a photo of a table setting for an event we're throwing that I then applied a texture to in PSE at 40% opacity. I'll admit the original wasn't very eye-grabbing, but I liked the edited version. Shot with a Nikon D40 with a 35mm prime (f/3.2, 1/40th).

-Nick Gleason

Short on time, I still wanted to try and submit something to this week's photo challenge. So while packing for a trip, I got the camera out and took a cutesy floor-level nose-on shot of my dog. It is adorable and cheesy. Then I went to town on it in GIMP, and came up with this psychedelic poster looking thing. If you stand way back you can see the dog's face in the image. Pentax K-r: ISO800, f/5, 0.8s, at 31mm on a Pentax digital 18-55mm zoom lens.


-Patrick Henry

This shot begin when a friend and I went to a pub where I needed to take a few pictures of the a beer tasting event for the paper. I popped on my canon nifity fifty 1.8 I had just got and begin with a few test shots to gauge the lighting and white balance. I was just fooling around and pointed the camera without looking, this is what came out. All filters and adjustments were made in lightroom, you know the cheesy, cliché ones that no one uses. I started with the Split Tone 4 preset and then went to the Develop settings and just broke about every rule there is in photo editing. stepped up the saturation, boosted the blacks, cranked the contrast and over corrected the white balance. It gave it a great night look. I took this with a Canon 60 with a 50mm 1.8 II, no flash.

-Tony Cleeton

I drove my friends 1967 Ford Country Sedan from Huntington Beach, California to his new home in Fremont. It was a great trip in a great car. It was just me, California highways, the car, my camera and an iPod with a cheap set of speakers. I was writing about the trip (not yet published) and I needed a few more shots of the car. This photo was taken after I arrived, and we needed to find an empty road to get more shots. The sign on the outside of this junkyard was too good to pass up.


The junkyard sat at the end of a deserted road, and it was closed for the day. The sun was low enough yet still shining strongly so no tripods or other equipment were necessary. I just positioned the car a few times and got my shots. I also got a shot of the car's owner doing one last burnout. The reason I brought the car up to him was so he could sell it. It was at my house for a month in HB but no one was interested. Two days after bringing it back to his new place up North, it was sold to a young mother as a new mommy mobile. Her husband is a mechanic, she is brave and her kid will clearly grow up to be awesome.

Camera: Canon 50D
Lens: 70-200 f/4L
Shot taken at 70.0mm, f4, 1/1600, ISO 100

Edited in Photoshop with the Cutout filter. Original image included as well.

-Jeff Glucker

So, I’ve always watched the photo contests, but never have entered them. This one peaked my interest as it wasn’t about any fancy photography technique or something that had to be meticulously staged, rather, it was about Cheeze. I happen to hold a top honors degree in Cheeze, and often prostitute out myself in the name of the good cause of Cheeze. Heck, my favorite food is Cheeze! When you think of Cheeze, you think of me!


Anyhow, I whipped out the trusty companion, my Evo 4G, and looked for a subject to capture. I decided on my ever-present desktop companions – a cheezy alien I bought from that cheezy Alien Museum in Roswell, NM, a cheezy glitter light that a co-worker bought for me because he stole my cheezy Oracle glitter light off my desk one day and apparently broke it, the cheezy Disneyland themed office implements (cheezy Jungle Boat tape dispenser, cheezy Monorail Stapler) and a few other tasty cheezy morsels.

I took the pic, Dropbox’d it over to my PC, and brought it up in my Cheeze dispenser of choice – Corel Paint Shop Pro X. Immediately, when the scene came up on the screen, I saw it, and then the objects that I had just photographed in front of the screen. Instant inspiration. Took another photo of the scene, uploaded that one again so this time I had a built-in mirror effect. Now to EnCheezify.

o Cheezy Feedback filter applied individually to four corners of the photo, individually snipped out of the photo and then pasted all together so all corners feedback off into the distance.

o Gotta Saturate the hell outta this one, it’s going to be nice and Cheezy.

o Apply a Circle geometric filter, as a lot of Cheeze comes in round containers. And wrap it to highlight the wrapping that the Cheeze comes in.

o Add a little bit of twirl to the pic, as straight lines bug me.

o And of course, the Pièce de résistance, a sunburst ray from each corner. No good cheezy photo is complete without a sunburst effect.


So there you have it. A bit of custom Cheeze made just for this Giz Photo contest.

Bon Appétit!

-Gary Eckhardt

Huge Gizmodo fan for years... (suck up points?)

Shooting Summary:
Kodak EasyShare M753 7.0MP 3X Optical Zoom

Recent trip to Sedona with my wife. Between hiking, evening UFO "hunting", and shopping, we paused often for meditation in the mountains to meditate and relax. The attached picture is of my wife, meditating on Airport Rock in Sedona. With the assistance of GIMP and the Supernova filter, I was able to visualize my wife's Crown Chakra in all it's violet brighness... and then soften the entire image with another Softglow filter.

Have fun with all the submissions!

-Ed Modjeska

Since you guys hate droids, heres one picture taken and sent by a android no use of any computer because droid does. App used is camera 360 pro. picture taken from griffith park observatory.

-Albert H

Camera - Samsung Intercept (phone)(3.2 mp)

Was walking through bryant park, spapped a quick photo while taking a rest, came back to my apartment and saw the challenge. I figured this might be a good one! I added in light leaks and a cyan filter on my phone. Then through photoshop i added the mosaic and ink outlines filters.

-Chris Thurston

Hi Mark, I miss you on Giz.

My submission was taken on my iPhone 4. I decided it would be instructive and perhaps therapeutic to use the three filters which offend me the most: Lens Flare, Diffuse Glow, and Craquelure. How the hell do you pronounce that anyway? Every time the FBI piracy warning comes up at the beginning of a DVD I cringe at the blue craquelure background. So these are 3 of the 50-something little colored animal things that line my office window. They are from a nearby Chinese restaurant, used for holding up a cherry or other tasty fruitiness at the top of your soda glass. Besides the 3 filters, I went full bore on vibrance filter and of course slid the saturation bar a bit too far. This exercise was neither therapeutic nor instructive.
-Jester Meister

Taken after a concert through a friends camera I was playing with. I used gimps cartoon filter and then the soft glow filter.

-Mike Thomas