Today's the last official day of summer. And it's the last summer you'll enjoy before next year's inevitable apocalypse. So we hope you enjoyed it! Here are some of our favorite water-, beer-, and explosives-based gadgets and happenings from the summer that was.

How to Take a Gorgeous Photo Like This on a Perfect Summer Night

Nothing says summer quite like a field full of fireflies on a starry night. And this beautiful long-exposure shot, which happened quite by accident, is actually pretty easy to replicate. More »

Turn Your Travel Mug into a Portable Air Conditioner

One imaginative user over at Instructables, SHIFT!, got the idea to build a personal AC unit in a travel coffee mug. It's similar in idea to another DIY AC unit made from a cooler, except much, much smaller. More »

Inflatable Pool Poker Table Makes Strip Poker Too Easy

Perfect for sharks and those who play two bet-limit strip poker, this inflatable poker set comes with an inflatable table, four lounge chairs and waterproof cards, chips and dice. More »

Keep Your BBQ Enemies Close, But Your Beer-Grenades Even Closer

The closest thing to war many of you will face will be the family disputes over how to cook those burgers. Arm yourself against enemy fire with an apron fully-loaded with three grenades, for $45. More »

Cool Your Beer and Roast Your Marshmallows With This

Shift Space Design has the right idea with their Funston fire pit/ice chest combo. It's perfect for those all-day backyard parties you'll be having this summer with your friends. More »

Super Soaker Hydro Cannon: It'll Make You Very, Very Wet

The Super Soakers of yore were precision weapons. Small. Thin, accurate squirts. A continuous aquatic laser beam. No more. The Hydro Cannon acts just like it sounds: More »

Where to Get the Best Fireworks in America

If you're really into fireworks, maybe you should move you butt to any square state. But whatever you do, don't move to New York, New Jersey, Delaware or Massachusetts. More »

7 Tools to Help You Survive a Summer Night in Central Park

It's summertime and you want something adventurous to do. Maybe you're visiting NYC and want to see more than the Statue of Liberty, or maybe you're stuck in NYC for the summer and tired of the usual. More »

How Photoshop Ruined This Poor Girl's Summer

Yes! Summer! Pool time! Aqua fun! Time to splish and splash! Get yer bathing suit! Round up your pals! Hop in the Banzai Whale Pool with three amigos! More »

Image credit Shutterstock/Marilyn Volan