A few weeks ago we got a look at Microsoft's updated Xbox Live interface. Now Sony's got a public preview of its new interface for browsing video on the Playstation Network on the Playstation 3, called Video Unlimited.

Video unlimited is an overhaul visually, but the main thrust of the new interface is contextualized search options. So for example, if you're viewing a movie, you'll get a tag-like set of search suggestions based on actor, director, topic, and genre. It actually looks pretty cool, though navigating through with a standard Playstation controller looks painful.


The new interface doesn't add any content or features—just ease of browsing—but if you use PSN to buy or rent content, it's probably worth your time to check it out. Members of Sony's premium subscription service Playstation Plus can get the preview of Video Unlimited today. [Sony via Ubergizmo]