So what do you do when you've graduated college and are sitting around Massachusetts? Conspire to blow up the two greatest symbols of American global power: the US Capitol and Pentagon. With a giant, C-4-laden toy plane.

According to feds, who've now busted 26-year-old Rezwan Ferdaus, the chap was going to ram remote controlled planes into these two iconic structures. Luckily for us, CBS reports, Ferdaus was arrested with "what [he] believed was C-4 explosive," which suggests he didn't actually have C-4. Maybe it was Play-Doh. But feds did find very real "grenades" and "six machine guns"ā€”so it's likely there was more to his plot than the plane attack. Had he not been too inept to execute the plan, like most terrorists have proven themselves to be, a remote plane attack would have been pretty damn diabolical. There's a reason we use little remote controlled airplanes to do our dirty work: they're fast, hard to spot, and harder to shoot down. In other words, a perfect platform for a big wad of C-4.


Details are sparse on this one right now, but we'll be curious to see what this would-be remote bomber's downfall wasā€”and some photographs of that rig. [CBS News]

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty

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