How do you convince a bunch of otherwise disinterested, likely hung over, easily distracted, and—is that Marijuana I smell?—college students to give up a pint of bodily fluid to the Red Cross? Short answer: free stuff.

What? You were expecting a passionate plea to a higher cause? Some righteous ode to serving the greater good? Nope. The Red Cross instead gives away 2GB USB sticks in the—albeit eye-catching—blood-bag packaging above in order to get the word out about their on-campus blood drive efforts. In addition, each drive comes pre-loaded with a video, "Blood Circulation: The Story of Where Your Blood Goes From Here" as well as access to a special FaceBook group.

Have the bloody USBs made the rounds on your campus yet? I'm dying to see this video, so let us know in the comments below. [This Adjust Worked via The Die Line]

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