Back in Time: The app takes you back in time, from the moment of the Big Bang to now, 13.7 billion years later. There's 300 stunning images, more than a 100 animations, videos and timelines and countless fun little facts that you probably didn't know about our universe. You basically twirl a clock's hands around to see the defining moments of our history, jumping million of years at a time to see what type of life, if any, existed back then. $8

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It's Playing: It's a video player app for your iPhone and iPad. And like VLC before it, it plays every video file from here to the sun: AVI, MKV, WMV, OGG, FLV and more. What's great is that you don't have to bother converting your video files before you put it on your iPad (like you do with the stock video player), you just plug in your iPad or iPhone to your computer, drag and drop your movie file (that you might've procured from dark areas of the internet) into the It's Playing app (under Apps Tab > File Sharing) and then watch! Seriously, it'll transfer the movie straight to the app in no time and you can watch on your iPad right away. $2

Slam Dunk King: It's silly stupid fun like Fruit Ninja but all sportified. Basketballs fly into the air and then you swipe those flying balls into the hoop. There are bombs that you have to swipe away from the hoop and combo points can be scored by being a master swiper. Free

Isle of Tune HD: Isle of Tune is kind of like Sim City but with a huge musical angle. You build roads and then put houses, bridges, lamps, etc. on the side of those roads and then set cars to drive on those roads. As the cars pass by those houses, bridges, lamps, etc. they'll start playing different kinds of music and sound effects. Kotaku says, "the pitch and timbre of each sound can be adjusted from a wide variety of presets, so before too long you'll be creating full drum beats, basslines, piano parts, and lead melodies." It's super cool to see the music you create in the world you made. $3

American Express: Credit cards are terribly evil but American Express has always tried to class them up. Their new iPad app lets AmEx folks check their balance, view transactions, schedule payments and so on. It's pretty much what the AmEx website is but wrapped in a more beautifuller package, it's lovingly swipey and polished. Get it so you don't go late on your payments. Free [via MyBankTracker]

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